S. Kymberli Barney, Ed. S.

(Contrary to popular belief, I'M the real Lil' Kym, Queen B.)


Desk Orderliness


Motivation to Grade Papers


Caffeine Dependency


Love of Teaching
kymberli barney

18 Years in the Game

My endurance teaching Grades 6-8 is fueled by insane amounts of coffee and the sophomoric sense of humor I never lost. The decision to enter the Education field was easy once I learned in 4th grade that to be a doctor, I’d have to spend time cutting into cadavers. Um, no. I’d much rather dissect curriculum and figure out how to make the ever-increasing demands for English/Language Arts instruction fun and effective for my students.

I believe in empowering young adults with the tools to be globally minded, culturally aware individuals. The ability to comprehend the hows and whys of societal issues, evaluate them, and decide on a responsible, well-informed course of action is ultimate demonstration of English/Language Arts education. I hope to inspire students to recognize and explore opportunities for deeper inquiry; I want students to learn for the sake of loving learning.

When I’m not busy being the Queen B, I’m the wife of my high school sweetheart of 21 years and head boss lady of our four children.

  • B.S. Middle Grades Education

    English Language Arts & Social Studies
    Brewton-Parker College

  • M.S. Education

    Teaching & Learning
    Nova Southeastern University

  • Ed. S. Education

    Curriculum & Instruction Management/Administration
    Nova Southeastern University

  • Ph. D. Common Sense

    Sometimes used, sometimes ot
    School of Hard Knocks
    Still Enrolled