How Personalized Learning Can Help Students with Anxiety

I have anxiety; while some students are okay with sitting in stiff, uncomfortable desks, it impairs my learning and that of other students with anxiety. When I sit in our standard, immovable desks it makes me more uncomfortable, and then I can’t relax, which causes my thoughts spiral to out of control.

Dealing with anxiety is hard, especially in the classroom. It’s an everyday struggle for students with anxiety. Having flexible seating in the classroom can immensely benefit all students, but especially ones with anxiety. Flexible seating can make students more physically comfortable so that they aren't constricted with mental anxiety. Students are able to have peace of mind with where they sit. Knowing this, we would like to add flexible, collaborative seating to The BHive to help alleviate anxiety in students.


In a survey we conducted,

98% of The BHive said they feel constricted by lack of space in our classroom.

(You can also participate in our survey about personalized learning and flexible seating!)

The article "Classroom Anxiety in Children" states that anxiety "...tends to lock up the brain, making school hard for anxious kids.” Moving around in flexible seating will make students feel like they aren't so constricted, which will in turn make them less anxious. The article also states, “When kids are anxious in the classroom, they might have a hard time focusing on the lesson and ignoring the thoughts overtaking the brain.” If specially-designed classroom furniture like's Ruckus Collection replaced customary classroom furniture, it would help take students' thoughts off of whatever they're worrying about.

KI Ruckus Collection Chair

Most students hate assigned seats. I tend to worry about who I'm sitting next to instead of focusing on myself. If I had the option to sit by myself, I would definitely take it because I know that I would focus on my work more than I would focus on what is going on around me. If we had flexible seating in the BHive, students like myself with anxiety would have peace of mind. At in the article “Simple Accommodations for Anxious Kids” it states,  “Anxious children often struggle with the unlikely fear they will get in trouble; seating away from more rambunctious classmates will be less distracting, and may help them focus on their work rather than feeling responsible for the class.” By letting students sit where they feel comfortable, that allows their mind to focus on the tasks at hand instead of getting in trouble.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 so we can create a flexible learning environment which will benefit students of all sorts. YOU can help us, so please donate and/or share this project with others today!

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