One hype teacher and

a bunch of super-smart kids

We are the Gifted English/Language Arts classes of Lewis Frasier Middle School. A typical day in our room might look semi-chaotic, but that's because we learn the way our minds work; we're always moving because our thoughts are! Mrs. B's desk is never clean, and she's known for frequent spontaneous dance breaks. She's tough on us, and we are always challenged to think hard...but at least we know we're going to have fun while doing it!


If this is middle school,

then why is it BHive "University"?

Great question! Mrs. Barney gives us the B because we call her "Mrs. B," and she calls our classroom the "Hive." But where does "University" come from if we're a bunch of kids in Grades 6-8? Well, she's always pushing us to think at the next level. "Think higher," she says! Our future roads might lead us to a 4-year college, but we might also get higher learning from a technical school, the military, or on-the-job apprenticeships. One thing we are learning is that anyone anywhere can have "university level" thinking. It's not where you are that matters; what matters is how you use what you have! We strive to use university level thinking, so that's why we are BHive University!