Teach Like a Boss

COMING SOON...because it's summer and Mrs. B is still in recovery mode.

The rest of BHive University is (mostly) managed and written by the students, but this is where I'll share all of my teacherly things like:

  • ELA lesson plans, which:
    • I'm often asked about on Facebook,
    • are usually scribbled hastily across a various assortment of legal pads,
    • are as disordered and random as my rapid-fire bursts of inspiration,
    • and aren't always written formally like they're supposed to be. (You didn't read this, Mr. Williams, awesome principal boss dude whom I enjoy working for very much, good sir. Ahem.)
  • general musings about teaching, learning, and the general state of Education as a profession today, which will likely include a range of gifs (because my emotional status can always be measured somewhere between a Titus Andromedon eye roll at one end and a Titus Andromedon body roll on the other end.