Personalized Learning and the Gifted Child


As a gifted child, I learn in a different way than most. I like going deeper into what I am learning and work harder to do better than I am expected to. Personalized learning lets me do just that. Personalized learning is an innovative way to teach that challenges the student regardless of their depth of knowledge. This brings learning to a new level letting the student decide the way they learn personally, not the class. This lets students learn at the pace they feel comfortable learning at, and lets students go more into depth if they choose to do so. This system is different with every child, but how different would it be with a gifted child?

A gifted child requires special attention, too. They think about things in a completely different way than kids normally would. They think deeper into matters. Contrary to popular belief, for them to be able to think this way they need a little of  push of encouragement and guidance, and personalized learning gives room for that push.

Adding to that, personalized learning can increase a student’s engagement in the content they are learning by giving them one-on-one experience with examples they can personally understand.

Intelligent Children vs. Gifted Children

A intelligent child conforms while a gifted child doesn't. A gifted child asks questions about how something works and why not afraid to speak up and comment on certain ideas. An intelligent child follows and doesn't ask, accepting it as is due to knowing what is expected and not wanting to interrupt the flow of things. Personalized learning allows the gifted child to ask questions without interrupting the rest of the class, and helps them get the attention they need to excel in class.

With personalized learning a gifted child can learn how he or she wants to learn, which is different from an intelligent child because they will just go with what is being taught, and nothing more. This lets the gifted child go farther into depth when they choose, and decide when they are done with particular lessons.

How Personalized Learning Benefits Gifted Students

Personalized learning is a great thing for children of all types, and will ultimately increase productivity rates among gifted children, especially the gifted students in our classroom. Depth and the willingness to do more is a common thing in our classroom, but is sometimes cut short by the lack of personalized learning and the ever so stationary desks. With personalized learning and a flexible learning environment, the minds of our students will stretch further than just the limits of immobile chairs attached to clunky desks. Our students will take on the same the same attitude personalized learning promotes, with endless possibilities and versatility.  

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By David R.

Class of 2021 • 8th Grade

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