How Does Classroom Environment Affect Student Engagement?

New classrooms make teaching subjects easier and keeps students engaged to the subjects better than old classrooms and learning spaces do. New spaces with technology and flexible furniture helps students stay focused. Therefore, these additions improve how well students do in classes.

Now that the internet is largely available worldwide, there are many websites that can provide information to help students learn. If technology is integrated into the classroom, then it will allow for more personalized learning. An article on the Smith System website states, “Using cloud computing and mobile devices...they set their learning goals, manage their learning content and process, and choose methods of communicating with others.” If a student doesn’t fully understand a subject, then they can research online or ask fellow classmates on the internet. On, an article states, “Fifteen percent of students in Grades 6 through 12 said they have either informally tutored other students online or found an expert to help them with their own questions.” Students feel much better using technology in classes than textbooks.

Types of furniture in the classroom can also affect student engagement. Old chairs and desks are a nuisance because you cannot move comfortably in them, so you cannot focus on your work. In an article on the Smith System archive, it says, “You also want school chairs that allow body movement, to help keep minds focused. As adults, we certainly can’t and don’t sit in the same position for hours on end. Neither can kids.” Students need to be able to move around and not stay in the same place to focus better on their schoolwork. Furniture that can move is also helpful in a collaborative classroom. Furniture that moves and can connect with other desks makes transforming the classroom into a collaborative space easier instead of being a hassle. Tables and chairs with castors will reduce the time spent moving around and can devote more time to learning.

I had a class that had a combination of chairs, desks, and other furniture, and we were able to sit where we worked best, and I was able to focus well in that class. However, other classes don't have that same variety of furniture to work on. With money to buy new furniture for our classroom, we would be able to work better and be able to focus on our learning, and our teacher would be able to teach our class more efficiently.


The classroom environment has a heavy effect on student achievement. It can either help or hurt students’ learning abilities. The tools that they use to learn can affect their engagement and achievement in a class. Using technology and more flexible seating, there can be a more comfortable learning environment suited for students to achieve more in the 21st century.

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