Our Community Supporters

You keep the BHive buzzing...

Anyone who knows anything about public education knows at least these two things:

  1. Teachers don't get paid nearly enough for the important work they do, yet
  2. they will spend money from their own pockets to keep their classrooms stocked with basic supplies.

Without help from outside supporters, teachers are often unable to do fun, innovative projects with their students because the resources needed to do them are much too expensive. 

Thankfully, because of the generous donations we receive from our community of supporters, the students and families of BHive University never have to worry about basic school supplies, and there is never a fear that we'll not be able to do whatever fun projects Mrs. B thinks up (and she's almost always thinking something up).

This is where we'll do our best to keep our gratitude list running. It truly does take a village; thanks for being part of ours!



#FLEXtheHIVE supporters = all the love

Theo & Issa • D. Plaid One • The Jauss Haus

Big ups to these DonorsChoose supporters who chose us

Nicole Balistreri • Erin Best • The Nieves Familia • Amy Durr • Jill Salahub • Elizabeth Day • Adrienne Carwheel • Courtney Macavinta • Frank Honest Co. • Jennae Petersen • Kris Whitman • Kirstin Zaslavsky • Jen Dozer • Aliza Worthington • Kimberly from Weston, FL • Beth Casner • Tricia from Brooklyn, NY • Cards Against Humanity • Amber Griffiths • Taya Dunn Johnson • Christy from TN • Krista Carnes • Cindy Cox • Natasha Chiam • Joyce B• Meretta McClenney • Jessica Martin & Family • IDT • Neukom Family Foundation • Keiko • Una LaMarche • Pam & Victor Assivero • Celebrate Schools! • Chris Bird • ShannonA • Tori Lewis • Natasha Medford • Torshal Cook • Robin from Allen, TX • Erin M. • Quill.com • Epson • Anne Parris • Jaime Montemayor • Goldman Sachs • Brigid Day • Vicki • Mary Wolter • D.J. Paris • Barbara Richardson • The SpoonZoo • Sarah Alys • Melissa from Wilmington, DE • Chris Bird • Caroline from Scarsdale, NY 

Hugs to Amazon WishList Fairies who sprinkled magic on us

Kristi Waschitz • Bridget Kao • Julie Robichaux • Julia Roberts • Lizz Porter • A'Driane Nieves • Susan Cook  Jack Graves • Amy Durr • Melinda Hamby • Mikel Shans • Kris Whitman 


We'd be remiss if we didn't give props to these kind folks:

  • Authors Una LaMarche and Denene Millner – There's a row of autographed novels from these talented and generous writers on our class bookshelf, and they're read (and re-read) year after year. 
  • Mrs. Barney's mom, Gwynne – all of Mrs. B's "boss modeness" had to come from somewhere! She also provides for the Hive when needed. Most recently, she sent us a class set of headphones!

DonorsChoose.org has been the BHive's primary crowdfunding tool since 2012. Since then, more than 80 donors have contributed to projects totaling over $6,000! Common classroom supplies, bookshelves and storage bins, white and colored copy paper, a printer and ink, dictionaries and thesauruses, teaching resources, and technological equipment have been supplied thanks to our DonorsChoose supporters.


Coastal Electric Cooperative gives local customers the option to round their electric bills up to the nearest dollar. A large portion of the overages fund the annual Bright Ideas Grant program. Teachers in the Georgia counties of Liberty, Long, and Bryan can apply to have projects they've created funded. I have won the Bright Ideas Grant twice, one of which was to have the resources to teach my students graphic & Web design. Though the grant was initially won back in 2013, the funds are still being put to work. This very site is possible because of it!


Target Education Grants have awarded our classroom with almost $3,000 between two grants. The Target distribution center located in our county (Store 3808) has been committed to putting money back into our community, and we are lucky to have been among the lucky recipients of their charitable giving!

We Thank You All!

Jump to 3:06 to see Mrs. B's .15 second of "fame."